Registration Guidelines and Required BPPE Documentation


Eligibility for the Animal Sports Therapy Rehabilitation (ASTR) certification program requires that the participant is a currently licensed veterinarian, chiropractor, osteopath, McTimoney animal manipulator, animal physical therapist or veterinary technician, all with at least one year of experience in the specific species program of their choice (equine or canine).


We are required to show the BPPE your proof of education. Since these modules are only open to those with specific qualifications, please provide one of the following:

1. Photo of current license or transcripts from your program (copies of diplomas are not accepted by BPPE, as these can be forged)

2. The completed initialed and signed Student Enrollment Form which was sent to you with your registration

3. The initialed and signed School Performance Fact Sheet which was sent to you with your registration (for on-site California Module III only, and also required for any online California residents participating in Module I, II or IV)

Registering via the Website:
Click onto the module number and scroll down to the bottom of the link to register for each online study module (I, II or IV), or for the onsite module with your chosen date (Module III). Although you can sign up for one module at a time, modules must be taken in sequential order. The modules are progressive, and are all required to be completed for the ASTR qualification.

Registering via Phone:
Please call the office and leave a message if no one is available to take your call: 707.590. 8313. Please leave appropriate times for us to return your call. You have the option to pay via credit card through Pay Pal, or you can arrange to send in a check. California Residents please note: you are required to send in all the required documents to fully complete your registration (see details above).

Registering via Mail:
You can send your payment (checks, money orders or credit card numbers including expiration date, CCV and billing zip code) to Academy of Animal Sport Science: 610 Noah Court, Napa, CA 94558. Credit card registrations are also accepted over the phone: 707 590 8313. California Residents please note: you are required to send in all the required documents to fully complete your registration (see details above).


Students are not fully registered until all documents have been completed, and the non-refundable/non-transferable $250 deposit is received for the modules (except for Module I which is paid for in full at the time of registration: $95USD). Please see the checklist of required documents above specific to California Residents, and for students attending onsite California courses. The $250 deposit is credited towards your module tuition. Modules of $250 or less are paid for in full at the time of registration (this applies to module I only). Please take note that all tuition balances are due 30 days prior to the beginning of the onsite module.

Modules II and IV will commence once the student has paid the balance of the specific module.


Documentation Required:
Any registration (onsite or online) taken through the USA office requires a completed student enrollment form, since AASS is a state-licensed school. Upon registration, you will be sent the student enrollment form, or you can download the forum under the Student Disclosures and Admissions Link.

Additional Requirements for California Residents registering for online courses or any individuals attending onsite California modules:
Please to review the Academy of Animal Sport Science School Catalog found under the Student Disclosures and Admissions Link.

If you are a California resident, and you do not have the ability to download this document, please contact the office to post a copy of the catalog. You are also required to review the School Performance Fact Sheet, which needs to be initialed, signed and returned. You will be sent this document for review upon registration, and you can also view it on the website, under Student Disclosures and Admissions.


  • You will not be confirmed on a class list until the deposit and relevant documents are received
  • Please prepare yourself for the module if pre-module study is required
  • In accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin
  • If you have any questions, please call our course office!

To be eligible for our modules, a student must possess these skill sets:

  • High School English equivalency reading skills: this requirement is fulfilled since all participants have a higher level of education
  • **Over 18 years of age ,and fulfill one of the eligibility requirements (licensed veterinarian, osteopath, chiropractor, physical therapist or veterinary technician)
  • Clearly understand the English Language***

** Those who are under 18 years of age need permission from their parents or guardians. Students are required to be one licensed as of the eligibile participants: licensed veterinarian, osteopath, chiropractor, physical therapist or veterinary technician.

*** Academy of Animal Sport Science, LLC (AASS) does not offer English as a Second Language instruction. It does not offer English language services of any kind.

The official language of instruction at AASS is English. All recruitment, instruction and learning materials are in the English language. If, for any reason, an applicant’s comprehension or use of the English language is questionable, that applicant will be required to document passage of a Test of English as a Foreign Language with a score of at least 500. No instruction, learning materials or school publications such as the enrollment agreement or catalog will be made available to prospective students who do not exhibit a clear and, in some cases, documented comprehension and use of the English language.