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The ASTR program is fully approved by RACE®:


Max Veterinary Hours approved: 252
Max Veterinary Hours available: 252
Max Veterinary Technician Hours approved: 252
Max Veterinary Technician Hours available: 252

Our flagship program, the Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (ASTR) certification, is a post-graduate, 285-hour course designed exclusively for licensed professionals*

* Licensed veterinarian, chiropractor, osteopath, physical therapist/assistant, veterinary nurse/technician.


Graduates* of eligible equine body worker/sports massage certification programs, or graduates of an eligible equine science degree will obtain a Certificate of Completion of the ASTR program, indicating completion of continuing education. It is understood by non-Licensed Professionals who partake in the ASTR program, that completion of the program does not indicate a qualification or use of a title, nor the ability to offer services in the field of animal rehabilitation.

* Participants must be graduates from an equine body worker/sports massage program of at least 300 hours of education, including an in-person practicum of 50 + hours, case study submissions, and a full examination after completion of the practical component of the course OR be graduates from an academic equine science degree (minimum BSc.). In addition, practitioners must show proof of education and current professional indemnity insurance.

Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (ASTR) Certification

Module 1: Online Equine Anatomy, Conformation and Static Assessment Review

A fully online module and examination, with a solid review of the equine musculoskeletal system and terminology, vocabulary, palpation of surface anatomy and muscle location.


Module 2: Evidence-Based Equine Rehabilitation (EBER)

37 RACE-approved online lectures (67 hours) with a final online examination, presented by leading veterinarians and specialists, on every topic relevant to equine sports medicine and rehabilitation.


Module 3: Practicum with Wet Labs

A 6-day intensive case-based practicum – the longest in the industry – taught by specialists, packed with practical hands-on experience.


Module 4: Case Studies, Internship & Final Examination

Case study presentations, a 24-hour internship, and a final online and practical (virtual) examination for successful completion of the ASTR certification program.


The AASS Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (ASTR) Certification
is a unique international post-graduate program for eligible Licensed Professionals


Enhance your knowledge and expand your practice

Eligibility for the ASTR program requires that the participant is a licensed veterinarian, chiropractor, osteopath, McTimoney animal manipulator, animal physical therapist or veterinary technician. 


Be the best in your field

AASS raises the bar for the standards of education in the animal health care field by requiring case studies, a practical internship AND a series of formal examinations in order to complete the modules, before earning the ASTR certification.


Be part of a professional network

In addition to our online modules, we offer well-organized residential classes with a manageable ratio of students to instructors. Group interaction through social media and closed-group networking is highly encouraged throughout the entire program, and this network continues after graduation.


Learn from the experts

Our course modules are taught by leading veterinarians and specialists from around the globe, who continue to emphasize our established standards of evidence-based education and practical clinical experience. 


Continue your education

Following successful completion of the ASTR certification, we offer an additional series of modular courses for continued development in the ever-evolving field of sports therapy and rehabilitation.


Be a global student

Our ASTR Certification is the only program in the world that offers the full residential program in your geographical location! Study Module 1 and 2 online, join Module 3 at a location of your choice, and complete your internship for Module 4 through a partnering global network.

Legislation governing the application of complementary therapies in animal practice varies between different countries and states. Therapies may only be applied by qualified practitioners who are legally permitted to do so. The ASTR program and its lecture series is intended solely for qualified professionals, for application within their local regulations and within their own scope of practice.

Join the leaders in the industry, and study at your own pace!

The AAVSB’s Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE®) program develops and applies uniform standards related to providers and programs of continuing education (CE) in veterinary medicine. The goal is to serve and support the AAVSB member boards by ensuring that all RACE-approved continuing education programs meet appropriate standards of quality.
The Academy of Animal Sport Science is approved to operate by the BPPE (Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education). BPPE approval to operate means the institution is in compliance with the minimum state standards contained in the California Postsecondary Education Act. BPPE is the regulatory agency for private postsecondary schools.