our commitment to excellence

Our Mission

The Academy of Animal Sports Science (AASS) is an education company dedicated to developing curricula for licensed professionals who are seeking quality education in the animal complementary health care field. We are especially excited to present our flagship Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (ASTR) Program, with equine and canine divisions. Our course modules are taught by leading veterinarians and specialists from around the globe, who continue to emphasize our established standards of evidence-based education and practical clinical experience.

Our Story

Dr. Carrie Schlachter, Dr. Nicole Rombach and Debranne Pattillo, Directors of AASS, have combined their years of experience in the education industry as well as in the clinical field, to bring a new quality Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (ASTR) program for licensed professionals.

The directors understand what graduates need to succeed in this rapidly-evolving profession. They teamed up with leading specialists in the veterinary industry, to offer students from all corners of the globe the opportunity to study with leaders in the field of sports therapy and rehabilitation.

Our Philosophy

AASS realizes that individual students have individual needs. We offer well- organized residential classes with a manageable ratio of students to instructors. Lectures are reinforced with practical/clinical sessions during the residential module, and visual/audio aids are shared during the theory portions. The AASS administrative course office is open to the participants for full support, to complete the certification program successfully.

Dr. Nicole Rombach

Partner / APM, MEEBW, CCBW, PG AM, MSc., PhD

Dr. Rombach has a full equine and canine sports therapy practice, and also regularly lectures at various universities and for professional associations, presenting evidence-based courses on equine and canine spinal dysfunction with an emphasis on neuromuscular rehabilitation techniques.

Debranne Pattillo

Partner/MEEBW MSc.(h.c.)

Debranne sees equine anatomy through the eyes of both a body worker and an artist. Her teaching is infused with the anatomical precision that excellent bodywork requires. She is the founder of the unique Equinology Approach To Equine Body Work, and she teaches the Equinology Equine Body Worker certification courses at locations throughout the world.

Dr. Carrie Schlachter

Partner / VMD, DACVSMR

Dr. Schlachter’s practice focuses on integrative sports medicine, rehabilitation and injury prevention. She founded and designed Circle Oak Equine’s rehabilitation and fitness programs and then set up new practice, Animals in Motion Equine focusing on developing monitoring protocols for injury prevention in the sports horse.

Dr. Schlachter achieved her board certification in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation through the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and serves on their examination committee as well as on the American Association of Equine Practitioners Education committee

The AASS ASTR program is fully RACE® approved.

The AAVSB’s Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE®) program develops and applies uniform standards related to providers and programs of continuing education (CE) in veterinary medicine. The goal is to serve and support the AAVSB member boards by ensuring that all RACE-approved continuing education programs meet appropriate standards of quality.